Definition of goalball in English:



mass noun
  • A team sport developed for blind or visually impaired players, in which a ball containing bells which make a sound when in motion is thrown at a goal at the opposing team's end of the court.

    • ‘The codes involved at the Games are table tennis, golf, rugby, boxing, tennis, netball, goalball, soccer, swimming, hockey and cricket.’
    • ‘Sports such as goalball, tandem cycling and wheelchair fencing, however, are quite unique in their development of rules and competitive dynamics.’
    • ‘This is because goalball players can't see, and if they can - even traces of light - darkness is ensured by eye patches and a great big pair of opaque goggles.’
    • ‘When Matthews first competed in a Paralympics it was in the Netherlands in 1980 as part of a three-man Great Britain team playing goalball, a cross between football and handball using a ball fitted with a bell.’
    • ‘This was a multi-sport world championship and games with athletes representing 59 nations competed in track and field events, swimming, goalball, tandem cycling, power lifting, and judo.’