Definition of goal sneak in English:

goal sneak


Australian Rules Football
  • A skilled and prolific goalscorer.

    ‘the veteran goal sneak has firmly placed them in contention’
    • ‘Indeed, they were supported well by the goal sneak.’
    • ‘Goal sneak McGregor proved effective with two goals, which kept the team in front.’
    • ‘No need to change the game plan, as they continued to find ways to get the ball to their goal sneak, who obliged with his fourth goal.’
    • ‘They were selfless in their forward play, continually looking for their goal sneak, who has a mad chance to kick 100 goals for the season.’
    • ‘The supporters seemed thrilled to meet the goal sneak.’
    • ‘Goal sneak Schneider had a fairly interrupted preseason and may not be able to offer as much support in the midfield as the club would have hoped.’
    • ‘The word is that he'll be a brilliant goal sneak.’
    • ‘Their defensive blunder allowed our goal sneak to put us back on top.’
    • ‘Even his brother, a crafty goal sneak himself, still turns out for the club's B grade.’
    • ‘In the run home, they put on another four goals to two, with the goal sneak McGregor showing glimpses of his true potential.’