Definition of goal kick in English:

goal kick


  • 1Soccer
    A free kick taken by the defending side from within their goal area after attackers send the ball over the byline.

    • ‘Australia hassle the Brazilian defence into conceding a corner, Dida flaps in no-man's land, but the corner's overhit and goes straight out the other side for a goal kick.’
    • ‘Except he doesn't; he sort of falls on top of the ball in mid air, sending it squirming out for a goal kick.’
    • ‘Eventually Degen helpfully heads the ball off for a goal kick.’
    • ‘Even when you put the ball down for a goal kick it was blowing away all the time.’
    • ‘Kevin wanted to make sure the Stingrays would be awarded a goal kick to put the ball back into play.’
  • 2Rugby
    An attempt to kick a goal.


goal kick