Definition of go without in English:

go without

phrasal verb

  • Suffer lack or deprivation.

    ‘I like to give my children what they want, even if I have to go without’
    • ‘The kind of car I could afford wouldn't have been reliable enough to go any distance, so I went without.’
    • ‘We were not well off but never went without a meal.’
    • ‘Yep, those were hard times. We had a lot of fun, too. I never remember us ever going without.’
    • ‘People who worry about wealth usually have never gone without.’
    • ‘Mrs Croft, who went without her salary to keep the charity afloat, will receive nearly £11,000 in back pay.’
    • ‘My mother was economical and a good manager, so we never went without any necessities.’
    • ‘It was always the last day, the Saturday, or the Thursday, that I went without.’
    abstain from, forgo, refrain from, do without, deny oneself
    lack for something, go short, go hungry, be in need, be deprived, be in want, suffer deprivation
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