Definition of go walkies in English:

go walkies


  • Go missing, especially as a result of theft.

    ‘the insurers have drawn up a list of cars most likely to go walkies’
    • ‘This post better stay where I put it this time, half of it went walkies for some reason and I had to retype it all.’
    • ‘A couple of bottles of Dom Perignon have gone walkies from the cellar.’
    • ‘These can theoretically be used to ensure AGP and PCI cards don't go walkies if the server is moved - later I'll explain why they're virtually useless.’
    • ‘Wheelie bins are going walkies in west Wiltshire as thieves realise their black market value.’
    • ‘The hotel heiress is distraught after it went walkies just two days ago.’
    • ‘Except… commenting is down until at least tomorrow as the server has gone walkies.’
    • ‘It would seem that the office copy of ASOD has gone walkies once again.’
    purloin, thieve, take, take for oneself, help oneself to, loot, pilfer, abscond with, run off with, appropriate, abstract, carry off, shoplift
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