Definition of go up in flames in English:

go up in flames


  • Be destroyed by fire.

    ‘last night two factories went up in flames’
    • ‘It's still not known how much of them went up in flames, or exactly what else was in the fire.’
    • ‘Trees went up in flames, and fire crackled and burst and shot high into the sky.’
    • ‘Months of work went up in flames in a fire which forced a Swindon school to close for the day.’
    • ‘The building went up in flames on Wednesday evening and parts of the factory were still smouldering today.’
    • ‘Minutes after they escaped, there was a fire flashover and the whole building went up in flames.’
    • ‘Most of the sofas are not made of fire retardant materials - one went up in flames within 30 seconds of cigarette contact and became a ‘roaring inferno’ in three minutes.’
    • ‘And fire officials say that was crucial, because the plane went up in flames, they estimate, just about a minute to two minutes after that.’
    • ‘The western part of the city in particular has been constantly pounded by Russian artillery, and factories and apartment blocks go up in flames after air raids.’
    • ‘Firefighters were tackling a huge blaze at a Bradford packaging factory today - more than 12 hours after it went up in flames.’
    • ‘In winter, a vacant house goes up in flames, as kids or drug addicts light fires for fun or for heat.’
    burn, blaze, be ablaze, be alight, be on fire, be in flames, flame, be aflame
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