Definition of go too far in English:

go too far


  • Exceed the limits of what is reasonable or acceptable.

    ‘she's been causing trouble—one of these days she'll go too far’
    • ‘Some of his comments were justified but the article went too far when it suggested that the road was built was to accommodate developers.’
    • ‘Some of the purists dedicated to preserving the Art Deco style intact thought she sometimes went too far, but Blackwell let her do as she pleased.’
    • ‘While protecting his position was admirable, Burke often went too far and unnecessarily upset Nine.’
    • ‘When she challenges him he admonishes her for going too far, for crossing the limits, for not respecting boundaries.’
    • ‘Lucas went too far with the wizardry, creating an unpalatable film.’
    go over the top, go to extremes, go overboard, not know when to stop
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