Definition of go to someone's head in English:

go to someone's head


  • 1(of alcohol) make someone dizzy or slightly drunk.

    • ‘The sangria had gone to my head and I badly wanted to go home.’
    • ‘Maybe it was our French friend again - he is apparently a lover of all things Scottish, and clearly the whisky had gone to his head.’
    • ‘Lily began feeling the alcohol go to her head after her 6th drink, and she almost passed out.’
    • ‘I had two drinks that just went to my head, because I hadn't eaten.’
    • ‘I supposed that the large consumption of alcohol the night before had gone to his head.’
    intoxicate, inebriate, befuddle, make someone intoxicated, make someone drunk, make someone dizzy, make someone's head spin
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    1. 1.1 (of success) make someone conceited.
      • ‘All of the talent and fame haven't gone to his head.’
      • ‘It was the imagined glory of his role in local government which went to his head.’
      • ‘It's nice to hear that the news hasn't gone to his head.’
      • ‘Then I won a prize in the talent show and it all went to my head.’
      • ‘Something about being first in the procession went to my head instead.’
      • ‘He's a ref and it's gone to his head, he just had an authority thing, whether it was some sort of power trip I don't know.’
      • ‘And has mixing in venerable music circles gone to his head?’
      • ‘It seems that the power of being Vice President has finally gone to his head.’
      • ‘And it is because of his home town, admits this designer modestly, that success has not gone to his head.’
      • ‘I am glad I had children before I got published, otherwise it might have gone to my head and I might start thinking book-writing was important.’
      make someone conceited, make someone arrogant, turn someone's head, make someone full of themselves, puff someone up
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