Definition of go to press in English:

go to press


  • Go to be printed.

    • ‘The date, time and venue of this game was not known at the time of going to press and will be published when available.’
    • ‘Police were unable to name the casualties before we went to press.’
    • ‘The photographs invariably reach the newspaper offices when the first edition is about to go to press.’
    • ‘He has since flown to Poland to compete in the World Championships in Leba, which started as we went to press.’
    • ‘Mr Johnson said the job would need ‘a lot of time and thought’ and he would stand down from the magazine when the Christmas edition had gone to press.’
    • ‘How do you decide what newspaper content will get released to your television partners or on the Web before the newspaper goes to press?’
    • ‘She was unavailable for comment before the Journal went to press yesterday.’
    • ‘Fourthly, this volume goes to press at a moment when important systemic changes are taking place in the EU.’
    • ‘Unfortunately this information was received after the most recent edition of Dresden had gone to press.’
    • ‘Sadly, publisher Gordon Young spotted the broadside before the magazine went to press, and changed it.’