Definition of go to one's reward in English:

go to one's reward


  • Die.

    ‘another colleague who was in Drumcondra the same year as myself has gone to his reward’
    • ‘Jeez, maybe he had both lost his marbles and gone to his reward!’
    • ‘When Ruble went to her reward, I figured there would never be a suitable replacement for her.’
    • ‘Recently it was brought to my attention that the 121-year-old French-woman finally went to her reward.’
    • ‘I was talking to an old friend the other day, and for some reason she began reminiscing about her grandmother, who has long since gone to her reward.’
    • ‘Could it be that T. Herman Zweibel is going to his reward at last?’
    • ‘I'd say we're likely to go to our reward long before Clinton stops crowing, unless the clap gets him first.’
    • ‘I hope she does get another dog now that Papa's little Yorkie has gone to her reward or the house will bulge to the breaking point with boredom purchases.’
    • ‘Milt Sparks may have gone to his reward, but Tony Kanaley and the rest of the Sparks crew continue to produce holsters that are excellent in design and truly fine in construction.’
    • ‘But now with Mrs. Zweibel having gone to her reward, I feel much less amenable to these old storks coming around and delivering their sermons to me.’
    • ‘Generations had gone to their reward, or whatever, with the prayer, ‘We only wanted to see them win it once in our lifetime.’’