Definition of go to earth in English:

go to earth


  • 1(of a hunted animal) hide in an underground burrow.

    ‘the fox would go to earth and stay there till dark’
    • ‘I saw it go to earth as I got between two buildings on Foss Islands Road.’
    • ‘After a two hour chase it finally went to earth but a trap was set and the fox captured the next day and bagged so ‘it will again afford another day's sport’.’
    hide, go into hiding, hide out, find a hiding place, conceal oneself, keep out of sight, keep a low profile, take cover, go to earth, go to ground, go underground, cover one's tracks, lurk, skulk
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    1. 1.1 Go into hiding.
      ‘he'd gone to earth after that meeting’
      • ‘An anti-hunting MP was forced to go to earth in the face of a noisy protest at one of his routine constituency surgeries by angry Yorkshire hunt supporters.’
      • ‘Intelligence forces have complained that several high-profile suspects they'd been keeping an eye on have gone to earth and now can't be found.’
      • ‘She had gone to earth in the pit opened by the torn-up roots of a fallen tree, and sprang out at his approach.’