Definition of go the distance in English:

go the distance


  • 1Complete a fight without being knocked out.

    ‘he went the distance after being floored in the first round’
    • ‘As with the previous four fights, the fifth went the distance.’
    • ‘The safest bet here, in my eyes, is to bet the fight to go the distance.’
    • ‘Hagler: ‘I'm not worried about the rounds because this fight definitely isn't going the distance.‘’
    • ‘Does anyone think the fight is going to go the distance?’
    • ‘When a fight goes the distance, a tense interlude settles in while the judges tally the scorecards.’
    • ‘Do you think this fight is going to go the distance?’
    • ‘Who knows what they would have scored had the fight gone the distance?’
    • ‘If my fights go the distance, it does not bother me.’
    • ‘The former WBC champion last year went the distance with Germany's Sven Ottke in an IBF title fight.’
    • ‘I'm guessing that Ellis would have won a decision if the fight had gone the distance.’
    1. 1.1 (of a boxing match) last the scheduled length.
      ‘six of his fights went the distance’
      • ‘I definitely expect to go the distance; he's a very durable guy.’
      • ‘Although Ali went the distance, the injury took its toll and Norton won on a split decision.’
      • ‘This time he makes no mistake and the match will go the distance.’
      • ‘Lord's was the setting for an historic Test match between two old foes which never seemed likely to go the distance.’
      • ‘In 1980 he was finally forced to go the distance against journeyman Cookie Wallace.’
      • ‘Whatever happens will happen, but I do not think it is going to go the distance.’
      • ‘If he didn't go the distance, he would owe Hopkins $25,000.’
      • ‘Anybody who thinks this thing is going the distance will be disappointed.’
      • ‘In other words, if a bowler didn't put his opponent away early, he was in trouble - especially if the match went the distance.’
      • ‘Hunter drew level after the restart but the match looked destined to go the distance as neither man could take control.’
    2. 1.2Baseball Pitch for the entire length of a game.
      ‘he went the distance on the mound’
      • ‘Wells allowed one run on eight hits, while going the distance on just 100 pitches - with only 19 called balls.’
      • ‘But it had been a little alarming that Maddux, who three times has led the N.L. in complete games, hadn't gone the distance.’
      • ‘Ruth went the distance for a 9-3 win, walking two while striking out three.’
      • ‘The Phillies won the game, 7-6, in 17 innings, with Roberts going the distance.’
      • ‘Podres went the distance for his 14th victory of the season against three losses.’
      • ‘The club has no pitcher with a complete game, although several have appeared capable of going the distance.’
      • ‘Lackey went the distance for the fourth time in 57 career starts, striking out three and walking one.’
      • ‘Toney went the distance for his 10-inning no-hitter.’
      • ‘The odds of a pitcher going the distance are higher when he doesn't waste everyone's time with limp-wristed futility at bat.’
      • ‘I started against the Dodgers, went the distance, and we beat them, 9-1.’
    3. 1.3 Last for a long time.
      ‘this amplifier system should go the distance’
      • ‘Later, by-the-by, the communion wine jug also went the distance!’
      • ‘I threw in a six iron at the green, it went the distance and all of a sudden the eagle chance was there.’
      • ‘They had ‘not gone the distance in trying to reach a compromise on the issue’.’
      • ‘The fact that the series even went the distance certainly serves as a testament to the vast improvement that UW has undergone in the past two seasons.’
      • ‘My goodness, she's gone the distance, hasn't she?’
      • ‘They are prepared to go the distance on the running machine to stay in the playground of youth.’
      • ‘When was the last time a move to amend the Constitution went the distance and actually occurred?’
      • ‘But the folks at Altoids have really gone the distance - they hired a cartoon artist and programmer to create an entire role-playing adventure.’
      • ‘She has gone the distance so far and she's proved that she is a tough cookie, so we are praying she will keep getting better.’
      • ‘Our game plan is to go the distance, in spite of persistent speculation to the contrary.’