Definition of go spare in English:

go spare


  • Become extremely angry or distraught.

    ‘he'd go spare if he lost the money’
    • ‘At the time, Egan and his Chief of Staff, Michael Coutts Trotter, went spare; Egan was still railing against the Opposition's policy as late as October last year.’
    • ‘He used to go spare if anyone applied a handbrake without pressing the button on the end of the arm as he considered it the height of laziness to just pull the arm.’
    • ‘The garden magpies are going spare just now, burying seeds and nuts in random places.’
    • ‘‘He just went spare,’ says Dorrie, breaking down.’
    • ‘Their manager was going spare on the sidelines and a few of their players were having a go at each other.’
    • ‘I'll be going spare, pleading with you, but you mustn't give in to me - no matter what.’
    • ‘Your mother actually sent me up, she's going spare downstairs.’
    • ‘If you were to accuse Patrick Egan or Wayne Ramsay of going spare they probably wouldn't argue with you.’
    • ‘I was shocked to see that someone had been digging badgers out - I went spare and my wife had to calm me down.’
    • ‘I'm scared and I'd much prefer to stay home and watch TV but I need money and I'll go spare otherwise.’
    • ‘Nine, Ten, and the ABC would go spare at that.’
    become very angry, become enraged, go into a rage, lose one's temper
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