Definition of go south in English:

go south


North American
  • Fall in value, deteriorate, or fail.

    ‘Lazio saw his poll numbers go south almost immediately’
    • ‘Throughout my career, the Air Force was trying to help me develop habit patterns that I could fall back on when routine flights went south.’
    • ‘I think if you expect loyalty from a television network after it goes south you're sadly mistaken.’
    • ‘But now that the romance has gone south, what's an equally dramatic way to get rid of the clothes, gifts, and jewelry that remind you of your hated ex?’
    • ‘The case would have gone south very fast for the prosecution if they put her on the stand and she didn't hold up.’
    • ‘Of course, things went south soon after - the new keyboard didn't work, and a second keyboard didn't work, so they had to give me a new machine.’
    • ‘At the same time, foreign investors have fallen out of love with equities and overseas markets have gone south.’
    • ‘The pact would have worked had the members been willing to cut public expenditure in good times to finance the inevitable budget deficits when business went south.’
    • ‘Well, he did invest in some grand ventures, but the market went south on him, along with the Dow Jones index.’
    • ‘Well, it seems that suddenly everybody is talking about the economy going south.’
    • ‘Before his lobbying operation went south, he was an occasional guest at the White House.’