Definition of go short in English:

go short


  • Not have enough of something, especially food.

    ‘you won't go short when I die’
    • ‘The tax-and-benefit system is increasingly geared towards ensuring that workers with children do not go short, but if you are entitled to full panoply of benefits and tax credits you're not really going to have a lifestyle.’
    • ‘When I was growing up we had to watch money closely, though we never went short of essentials.’
    • ‘The past few summers haven't been long on rain (2003 has been the exception this decade); in fact we've been going short.’
    • ‘Their report - Going Hungry, carried out by the Food Commission - found that 46% of parents on low household incomes had gone short of food in the last year to feed someone else in their family.’
    • ‘Luckily we've got lots of good friends, so Jack's certainly not going short of outfits, toys or equipment.’
    • ‘Any 30 year old Tennis player would be well within his rights to be a little worried about this obsession, but Tim will never go short on Rhubarb Crumble and chunky Cardigans.’
    • ‘For a hard pressed working class couple it could mean an unpaid gas bill or going short of food.’
    • ‘It wasn't too long before they started up again, with a different kind of balance (and everyone went short on everything).’
    • ‘He was in tears after receiving the fine and even offered to give me £35 he had saved up from his pocket money and go short at Christmas to help towards paying the fine.’
    • ‘So far as I have been able to verify, none of his pet projects went short while he was sick.’
    lack for something, go short, go hungry, be in need, be deprived, be in want, suffer deprivation
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