Definition of go round in English:

go round

(US go around)

phrasal verb

  • 1Spin; revolve.

    ‘the wheels were going round’
    • ‘Because in the silence I could hear the mind's wheels going round and I could see that my friend was a little shocked at the implication of what he'd said.’
    • ‘We know the Earth is spinning because we see the stars go round.’
    • ‘Lucky for me, the wheels on the bus stopped going round and round and kids started pouring out.’
    • ‘The wheel went round and round and suddenly Stella was thrown out and landed in a heap at her Syd's feet.’
    • ‘It's quite tiring just watching all of his different wheels go round.’
    • ‘The hybrid combines a V6 petrol engine with front and rear electric motors to help the wheels go round.’
    • ‘And in the evenings, in the mango trees, the Kuyils sang songs like squeaky wheels going round and round out of sync.’
    spin, revolve, turn, rotate, whirl
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  • 2(especially of food) be sufficient to supply everybody present.

    ‘there was barely enough food to go round’
    • ‘The reason simply being that there is not enough cash to go round.’
    • ‘One of the problems in Edinburgh is that, with so many burlesque shows, there are simply not enough good artists to go round.’
    • ‘Without a substantial increase in the country's output, there just won't be enough jobs to go round.’
    • ‘The problem is that there are not enough resources to go round.’
    • ‘They have to share running spikes because there aren't enough pairs to go round.’
    • ‘The vicar had to ask that we share the hymn books, because as they were not used to such large numbers attending, there were not enough to go round.’
    • ‘The majority, here, now depend on food from outside, but there isn't enough to go round.’
    • ‘As long as the good times had lasted this did not matter too much; there was work and money enough to go round.’
    • ‘All these new spas popping up everywhere make me wonder how there can possibly be enough trained therapists to go round.’
    • ‘The trouble with this new level of competition is that there wasn't really enough talent to go round.’