Definition of go one's way in English:

go one's way


  • 1(of events, circumstances, etc.) be favourable to one.

    ‘I was just hoping things went my way’
    • ‘Me, I'm just hoping that everything keeps on going my way and that I don't lose any more money than I have already lost.’
    • ‘Even this might have been lost had events not gone their way.’
    • ‘The events seemed to be going our way - we would not have to spend the night in New Orleans.’
    • ‘After nearly seventeen years of events that never seemed to go my way, anything good seemed like it had to be short-term.’
    • ‘It is all down to a show of hands on the day and we have to hope it goes our way.’
    • ‘Investing on the stock market, like betting on the horses or hoping the turn of the cards will go your way in the casino, is always something of a gamble.’
    • ‘Kiltimagh now have to beat Tourmakeady in their final game on Friday next and hope that the other results go their way.’
    • ‘His pleasure when events went his way was the uncomplicated pleasure of a child or a boastful teenager.’
    • ‘I've no doubt she'll be itching to return the favour if the result goes her way next weekend.’
    • ‘I know they were slightly peeved that everything had not gone their way but to sneak new staff onto a ship without consulting anyone is a bit much in this day and age.’
    • ‘I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, and I was fortunate that events went my way with injuries.’
  • 2Leave.

    ‘one by one the staff went their way’
    • ‘So he went his way.’
    • ‘Clyde and Sally went their way, while Jason walked Janice home.’
    • ‘When they had gone their way, I set off up to the old town.’