Definition of go one's own way in English:

go one's own way


  • Act independently or as one wishes, especially against contrary advice.

    ‘you try to tell your children what's best, but in the end they go their own way’
    • ‘As a result, the British went their own way and set up the European Free Trade Association in 1959.’
    • ‘Johnson went his own way, not only in novels but also in film and television scripts.’
    • ‘He has gained his international prestige precisely by going his own way at all times.’
    • ‘How did you get, then, the reputation of being the lone person who goes her own way?’
    • ‘I always feel that I let them down; I just went my own way.’
    • ‘But over and over, when this administration has been presented with a reasonable alternative, they have rejected it and gone their own way.’
    • ‘‘If we persist with dogged determination in going our own way, disregarding the signs to the contrary, we will sooner or later have to pay for our foolishness,’ she warns.’
    • ‘After the 1997-98 crisis, Mahathir thumbed his nose at the world and went his own way by imposing currency controls.’
    • ‘The elder brother went on to become a member of the world's most famous pop group, while the younger one changed his name and went his own way.’
    • ‘They've gone their own way, but all still live in the same community and have always been there for each other.’
    • ‘Despite the Church's stand against abortion and birth control many Catholics, especially in wealthy nations, go their own way on moral issues.’