Definition of go on one's merry way in English:

go on one's merry way


  • Carry on with a course of action regardless of the consequences.

    ‘now you're here, are you thinking of staying, or are you going to go off again on your merry way?’
    • ‘But I committed the cover to memory and went on my merry way.’
    • ‘I would also end up in Cowra much too late, so I thought ‘nuts to you, lady’ and went on my merry way anyway.’
    • ‘I gave him the benefit of the doubt, and went on my merry way.’
    • ‘The new designs mostly just pay lip service to this notion and then go on their merry way.’
    • ‘I then paid for the postcards and went on my merry way to wait another two hours for my plane to leave.’
    • ‘You go down to the clinic, get a room, maybe flip through a magazine or watch a flick, perform your ‘duty,’ collect a check, and then go on your merry way.’
    • ‘I never heard from them after that: I just kind of went on my merry way with the tournament.’
    • ‘So, in this episode, the crew simply tracks down the offending aliens, gives them the little foetus, and goes on their merry way, completely unaffected by the event.’
    • ‘He shook his shaggy blond head, gave me a ‘you're a nut’ look and went on his merry way.’
    • ‘So we went on our merry way, stopping at Bangkok City Hall, and a tiny temple with a lucky fat Buddha.’
    • ‘I received a much more discreet dressing and went on my merry way.’
    • ‘If she's feeling a bit energetic, I can simply leave it dripping and go on my merry way.’
    • ‘We just get on with it and he just goes on his merry way?’
    • ‘He's the kind of guy who, when you moved his cheese, would take it in his stride and quietly go on his merry way.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the world's nasty types the greedy, the vicious, the self-serving, the nutters go on their merry way, as murderously unambiguous as ever.’
    • ‘At one point in the story, Cathy says: ‘It's hard to go on your merry way when your mistakes, the pain you've caused the people around you can't simply be erased.‘’
    • ‘I bought an iced latte and a yummy vanilla caramel stick thing at Starbucks, browsed the magazines (didn't find Cloth, Paper, Scissors mag) and went on my merry way.’
    • ‘I guess your expectation is that you get online, release your pent-up culpability and go on your merry way.’
    • ‘Then I can just manoeuvre over to my local neighbourhood crane, knock the bomb off, land up-right and go on my merry way.’
    • ‘Too shocked to complain, the pair went on their merry way.’