Definition of go on fire in English:

go on fire


Scottish, Irish
  • Begin to burn; catch fire.

    ‘an oil rig went on fire’
    • ‘An oil pipe was cut with an angle grinder and apparently the sparks caused the oil to go on fire.’
    • ‘A silage harvester went on fire on Tuesday, May 18 at Clone, Aughrim.’
    • ‘AROUND 360 pupils had to be evacuated from a Bessbrook primary school and sheltered in a nearby church hall after part of the school's roof went on fire.’
    • ‘Regular cleaning reduces the risk of equipment going on fire.’
    • ‘Since it was abandoned after it went on fire, a legacy of lethal radioactive substances remains.’
    • ‘He was killed when the cottage he was renting went on fire.’
    • ‘No reason cited yet, so far, but 350 barrels of fuel basically went on fire in that area.’
    • ‘Following the incident, the emission of sparks from the line caused the area around the line to go on fire.’
    • ‘A few weeks ago in Newry someone was irresponsible with fireworks and it resulted in an oil tank at the back of a property going on fire.’
    • ‘A worried mother contacted him after her child had received a leg injury when his coat went on fire.’
    • ‘Then disaster strikes and the old home goes on fire.’
    • ‘Then building after building went on fire, tiny sparks of heat filling the air.’
    • ‘The Vauxhall was driven into a crash barrier made up of the tyres and either went on fire or was set alight.’
    • ‘When my house goes on fire or when I have a car accident, I want to know that you people will be there for me in an instant.’
    • ‘‘We are very thankful to everyone who helped at the scene and to whoever sprayed the car with a fire extinguisher and stopped it going on fire,’ reflected Tom McDonald, father of Tomás.’
    • ‘The last time the emergency plan was activated in Mayo was on April 1st, 1999, when a Belmullet factory went on fire.’
    • ‘And a coach which goes on fire with passengers in it is a horror which should not happen.’
    • ‘We made a U-turn, a taxi hit us, then the car went on fire but it didn't explode.’
    • ‘She kept wondering what she would do if the equipment went on fire.’
    • ‘It is understood that controlled burning was taking place at the premises around noon but the fire spread to a stack of some 2,000 pallets and as the blaze took hold a 40-foot container filled with cured sheepskin rugs also went on fire.’