Definition of go mental in English:

go mental


  • Lose one's self-control, typically as a result of anger or excitement.

    ‘the home crowd were going mental’
    • ‘The TV has gone mental too - keeps switching from channel to channel willy nilly.’
    • ‘The uncertainty of employment can make someone go mental.’
    • ‘By day nine or 10 I was starting to go mental. "’
    • ‘For five weeks of the year everyone goes mental.’
    • ‘For three weeks every summer the city of Edinburgh goes mental.’
    • ‘Edward went mental on the beach, racing around trying to get warm.’
    • ‘In this, the year 2000, music has gone mental.’
    • ‘The entire crowd going mental right through the encore!’
    • ‘I didn't really know how to handle an audience that were going mental.’
    • ‘I must be going mental, she thought sadly.’