Definition of go like a bomb in English:

go like a bomb


  • 1Be very successful.

    ‘the party went like a bomb’
    • ‘It may be a bit of an odd shape for a listed company, but it's going like a bomb, and those who know such things reckon it's bound for greatness.’
    • ‘I was going like a bomb with those two birds from the gasworks before I tried your Jimmy Cagney Routine.’
    • ‘The Villa-Lobos First Etude goes like a bomb whilst the Tarantella of Castelnuovo-Tedesco is saturated in elegant rhythmic drive.’
    • ‘There were three of these places in England and every one was apparently going like a bomb, so that was worth introducing.’
    • ‘This was a building that was derelict until 1997 and it is in a cemetery, not the most promising venue for lively activities, but it has gone like a bomb.’
    • ‘Galvanised by a flourishing world trade, Dutch companies with an international outlook go like a bomb, the FEM Business Top 500 list shows.’
    • ‘Fund Raising has gone like a bomb with a total so far of an amazing £3,200 raised!’
    • ‘In the target seats we have been going like a bomb and there is a great deal of confidence.’
  • 2(of a vehicle or person) move very fast.

    • ‘It looks stunning, it handles like a racing car, it goes like a bomb and it costs a hell of a lot less than many of its competitors.’
    • ‘The York went like a bomb, was utterly reliable - if a bit rattly - and was easy to fix if it did go wrong.’
    • ‘It is the top of the range and apparently goes like a bomb.’
    • ‘‘And Lewis went like a bomb for the first 400 metres up to the corner and then another 100 metres.’’
    • ‘The connection goes like a bomb for 2 minutes then just slows down to less than a dial-up connection!’
    • ‘As for the billycart: it goes like a bomb, and provides a lot of fun.’
    • ‘It goes like a bomb, pulling away from the lights is fantastic.’
    • ‘It is so smooth you'd never guess it runs on diesel, and the little Hyundai goes like a bomb, startling other drivers both around town and on the motorway.’
    • ‘All of us got into the boat, and we tested it out on the lake; with the 70 horsepower outboard Mercury motor it went like a bomb.’
    • ‘I'll spare you the full report, but basically it goes like a bomb and handles beautifully.’