Definition of go legit in English:

go legit


  • Begin to behave honestly after a period of illegal activity.

    ‘we're going legit—no more things that have fallen off the back of a lorry’
    • ‘His desire, now that his life is ending, is to attempt to leave the mafia business and go legit.’
    • ‘Now he's ready to go legit and take his antics to Foufs where he intends to prove he's not your average MC.’
    • ‘Just saying they're going legit and changing a user agreement or certain practices is not nearly enough.’
    • ‘Perhaps he yearns for the confidence to go legit on the circuit?’
    • ‘With his reputation, many will certainly be surprised to hear that he may have actually gone legit after all of this.’
    • ‘They bootlegged liquor during the depression, then went legit.’
    • ‘So, in an attempt to go legit, Seth joins J.T. Marlin as a trainee.’
    • ‘In some cases, such as Napster, former outlaw sites have gone legit and are working with the record companies.’
    • ‘But the sites are not yet comprehensive or cheap enough to persuade users to go legit.’
    • ‘They were commanded by another privateer, Woodes Rogers, who later went legit, leased the Bahamas and became the islands' first governor.’