Definition of go flying in English:

go flying


  • Fall or be knocked over.

    ‘Rob tripped over a branch and went flying’
    • ‘In one rehearsal, one of the women's sticks broke in two as she kicked it and half of it went flying off into the wings.’
    • ‘We went flying across the pavement and crashed straight through the front of a couple's house, ending up in their living room.’
    • ‘Buckets of water went flying, other players waded in for retribution.’
    • ‘Kenny knocked the wind out of Sophie; she went flying back into a wall, crumbling it.’
    • ‘I just put my foot down and went straight through the barricade, bins went flying everywhere.’
    • ‘She went flying off the bar stool and landed unconscious on the floor amid broken glass and tables.’
    • ‘Someone went flying through the wooden railings at one point, into the motorcycle parked by the rink.’
    • ‘Next thing, a wee guy whizzes past me, hits something and goes flying.’
    • ‘I jumped back, he threw me, and I went flying on top of the stand of hi-fis.’
    • ‘Faith's apple went flying in the air as she was knocked over, and she had to make a mad grab to catch it before it fell.’
    • ‘The teacup went flying, it was shattered, and one of the pieces cut Lindsay in her shin.’