Definition of go down with in English:

go down with

phrasal verb

  • Begin to suffer from (an illness)

    ‘I went down with an attack of bronchitis’
    • ‘TB was also rife and I knew some nurses who went down with it.’
    • ‘After finally recovering from that, he went down with glandular fever which kept him sidelined until the beginning of last season.’
    • ‘Initially it was only a few who went down with the mysterious illness.’
    • ‘At some point, Pete's boat was finished, and K came to Cowes to launch her, but I went down with flu and couldn't be at the ceremony.’
    • ‘Many other victims in southeast Asia went down with the virus after visiting markets where infected birds, live and freshly slaughtered, are for sale.’
    • ‘Throughout most of my twenties I tended to go down with three or four colds every winter.’
    • ‘‘It was into the second week of the holiday when Chloe went down with a tummy upset,’ said Mrs Hampson.’
    • ‘A week into the trip, however, Rob went down with stomach pains.’
    • ‘The Turners' nightmare began in May 1998 when Henry went down with what his parents initially believed was a tummy bug.’
    • ‘A dream wedding turned into a disaster after 24 guests went down with food poisoning, including the groom.’
    fall ill with, get, develop, contract, pick up, succumb to, fall victim to, be struck down with, become infected with
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