Definition of go down the pan in English:

go down the pan


  • Fail utterly.

    ‘the company went down the pan last year’
    • ‘They are happy to spend bucket loads of cash on legal advice and consultants while one of the most important events in the district's calendar goes down the pan.’
    • ‘Now that the grants system has, for the most part gone down the pan, students have to fund themselves by borrowing money.’
    • ‘She said: ‘I had tried so hard to train her, but I was losing so much business and my reputation was going down the pan.’’
    • ‘The company will be going down the pan in the near future.’
    • ‘I'd been pretty bright at school, then suddenly I started going down the pan.’
    • ‘I thought how sad it was to watch him let a perfectly good business go down the pan.’
    • ‘When you cut frontline staff the services go down the pan.’
    • ‘But six centuries of history went down the pan when council officers forgot to fill out the necessary forms to remain a city.’
    • ‘His father was much older, an overweight, shopkeeper whose career was swiftly going down the pan, along with his marriage.’
    • ‘Mind you if it was my product going down the pan, I'd be kicking up a fuss too.’