Definition of go commando in English:

go commando


  • Wear no underpants.

    • ‘And instead of going commando all day long, use them as your pajama replacement.’
    • ‘Generally, there's nothing wrong with going commando, but personally, I believe underwear serves an important function.’
    • ‘Women should go commando or wear loose fitting pajamas/nightgowns with no panties.’
    • ‘I just want to know is it okay to go commando to get rid of visible panty lines?’
    • ‘I decided to go commando since I would just be dining in tonight.’
    • ‘Can you imagine having to recount the day you were found wearing grubby underwear or even worse, you were discovered going commando!’
    • ‘But no, I wasn't going commando, so don't get any ideas.’
    • ‘Phoebe's new boyfriend likes to go commando.’
    • ‘Count yourself lucky they don't feel the need to go commando.’
    • ‘And yes, as some of you will see in these paparazzi photos, she appears to go commando.’