Definition of go bush in English:

go bush


Australian, NZ
  • Leave one's usual surroundings; run wild.

    • ‘I visited and I used to spend all my school holidays out there jackarooing, working on properties in the Harden district, and that gave me the real urge to go bush.’
    • ‘Inevitably some bees escaped the hives and went bush.’
    • ‘Tuesday brings a chance to go bush and enjoy a day on either of two cattle properties.’
    • ‘She asked me to come home, so we can go bush and build a bunker.’
    • ‘And all year all he dreams about is his annual two-week holiday when he can escape and go bush.’
    • ‘Coming up later, we travel to the Australian National University in Canberra, where artists go bush in search of inspiration and provoke heated debate while they're at it.’
    • ‘The unwilling native porters they had brought from Rabaul either went bush or dropped from exhaustion.’
    • ‘In a similar vein, the 1987 oils by Trevor Moffitt create an epic legend around West Coast farmer Stanley Graham, who in 1941 went bush and became New Zealand's first mass murderer.’
    • ‘‘To make big money in Australia you had to go bush,’ said John.’
    • ‘When the Japanese occupied Salamaua as a base for their bombers to attack Port Moresby, Vial simply went bush, kept watch on the enemy airstrip, and radioed to Port Moresby advance warning of impending air-raids.’