Definition of go bung in English:

go bung


NZ, Australian
  • 1Break down; fail or go bankrupt.

    • ‘My career goes bung.’
    • ‘According to the opposition, the economy is about to go bung, and the streets will soon be full of former merchant bankers holding signs that say ‘will lick paths clean for food.’’
    • ‘The slide projector – who on Earth uses slides nowadays?! – went bung and Bordwell fielded a few questions from the audience.’
    • ‘The left one went bung earlier in the year, and has not mended as expected (and a cataract has formed), so she's doing it pretty hard, and so is Dad.’
    • ‘Gee I hope the tube isn't going bung!’
    • ‘This tank doesn't have CO2 and no heaters to go bung.’
  • 2Die.

    • ‘The word found its way into nineteenth-century Australian pidgin, where the phrase to go bung meant ‘to die’.’