Definition of go belly up in English:

go belly up


  • Go bankrupt.

    ‘the company was about to go belly up’
    • ‘The hotel that once employed her in its laundry went belly up three years or so ago.’
    • ‘But if a company rep sells something which subsequently goes belly up, then the company itself is liable.’
    • ‘If they went belly up, bankrupt, shut down, and can't take their cruise ships out of port you would be there holding your bags quite literally and an expensive but useless ticket for your cruise.’
    • ‘However, it is doubtful whether the bank could practice this expansion for too long since it runs the risk of not being able to clear its checks and thus go belly up.’
    • ‘After Nadia got the sack from her employers who went belly up as Americans call bankruptcy, she applied to ‘zillions’ of tech firms all over America.’
    • ‘We can, of course, cite examples of businesses that have flourished this, organic, way (alongside the sad roll-call of dot.coms who went belly up, gorged with useless venture capital).’
    • ‘Wang eventually went belly up, but the pain of that period, particularly the sackings, still haunts him, he says.’
    • ‘Let me switch gears, because we only have a short time left, to talk about this Enron, this energy company that just went belly up, went bankrupt, causing a lot of pain for workers, their investors.’
    • ‘Art, good or bad, is always on the point of going belly up.’
    • ‘If the company goes belly up, the share will be worthless forever.’
    • ‘The worst that can happen is that your company goes belly up, and this is particularly pertinent when it comes to with-profits investments.’
    • ‘There's a hotel that's been standing, unfinished, for years - the investors went belly up in a crash, and no one's finished the project.’
    • ‘Actually, he thinks that if his career ever went belly up, he'd open an American-style diner somewhere between Glasgow and Oban.’
    • ‘If Fiji goes belly up, it threatens the dependent economies of surrounding nations.’
    • ‘It's going to cost too much, the industry will go belly up!’
    • ‘Origami Bank has folded, Sumo Bank has gone belly up and Bonsai Bank plans to cut back some of its branches.’
    • ‘He estimates that his fledgling label lost $400,000 when the Chicago-based distributor went belly up.’
    • ‘‘We nearly went belly up in 1998,’ Honda-san said.’
    • ‘Even if your employer goes belly up, the government says you will still get 80% of your final salary pension throughout retirement.’
    • ‘Instead, in 1997 came this stunner: Yamaichi went belly up.’