Definition of go bail (or stand bail) in English:

go bail (or stand bail)


  • Act as surety for an accused person.

    ‘offering to stand bail for a guy who had been involved in a vicious attack’
    • ‘His name had been linked to “Red Rioters” in the Providence Journal as a result of his having stood bail for Marx.’
    • ‘She posted herself outside the Marylebone Magistrates' Court and announced she would stand bail for anyone who needed it.’
    • ‘In the 1840s, Augustus stood bail for select offenders and promised to monitor their activities and report to the judge.’
    • ‘In the original classical legend it is Phintias (of which ‘Pythias’ is a corruption), not Damon, who is sentenced, and Damon goes bail for him.’
    • ‘Many thanks also to the lawyers who did a good job and to the churchman who stood bail.’
    • ‘The bail set can be substantial and there is, therefore, a financial incentive for the person who goes bail to ensure that the charged person turns up for trial.’
    • ‘He cannot speak of integrity and loyalty when he did not even appear to stand bail for the No 1 couple in this country, Mr and Mrs Panday.’
    • ‘The men were taken to Inverness and held without trial, but Highlanders from all over Scotland rallied to their cause, standing bail for them and eventually paying their fines.’
    • ‘For years I was cross-examined whenever I offered to stand bail.’
    • ‘I stood bail for him and the other defendants at the Oz trial.’