Definition of go about one's business in English:

go about one's business


  • Occupy oneself with one's normal activities or routine.

    ‘she's one of those people who quietly goes about her business’
    • ‘They used covert cameras and created a sequence of shots of the unsuspecting woman going about her daily business.’
    • ‘He has gone about his business quietly, never once feeling the need to tell the world of his greatness.’
    • ‘It's quite quiet—people are going about their business, but the usual buzz of tourist activity has slackened a bit.’
    • ‘Occasionally he climbed the belfry to inspect the faulty bell, and then he was able to look down on the whole village as it went about its business.’
    • ‘Both individuals and companies should be free to choose how we go about our business and conduct our lives.’
    • ‘He was driving a very short distance and just going about his everyday business.’
    • ‘These "supporters" have in recent years been involved in violent attacks on people trying to go about their normal business.’
    • ‘I worry but I don't let it interfere with my going about my daily business.’
    • ‘This was the sort of voice that accosted you while you were innocently going about your business.’
    • ‘They were going about their business largely oblivious of the commotion.’
    • ‘This was a seemingly unprovoked attack on an innocent person going about his business in the bus station.’