Definition of go a bundle on in English:

go a bundle on


  • usually with negative Be very keen on.

    ‘I don't go a bundle on seeing a man and woman snogging’
    • ‘I don't go a bundle on this Multiculturalism but hospitality's something else.’
    • ‘And my friend Lesley will go a bundle on the tip to take the brassy tones out of dyed blonde hair by smothering your head in tomato ketchup.’
    • ‘But, as readers of this column will know only too well, I don't go a bundle on ministry scientists.’
    • ‘After last week's stramash at Craven Cottage, it is fair to say that Rangers don't go a bundle on gentle warm-ups.’
    • ‘The Italians, naturally enough, don't go a bundle on writing novels and histories about it because it's still pretty shameful.’
    • ‘The Diary has always gone a bundle on the Roman classics, and is thus compelled, in some small way, to celebrate an important anniversary.’
    • ‘We go a bundle on the saccharine chumminess of those Disney, Gap and in the near future Wal-Mart ‘greeters’.’
    • ‘The girls rejected a couple of the more bohemian venues on the grounds that they were too smoky, and they didn't go a bundle on the Sachertorte, a form of chocolate sponge which turned out to be quite dry.’
    • ‘She hates the cult of celebrity, particularly as it affects artists - so she's not going to go a bundle on me beginning this piece with a description of her mode of dress.’
    • ‘I'm sure you won't blame me if, after BSE and foot-and-mouth, I don't go a bundle on scientists.’
    enjoy, have a taste for, have a preference for, have a liking for, have a weakness for, be partial to, delight in, find pleasure in, take pleasure in, be keen on, find agreeable, derive pleasure from, be pleased by, have a penchant for, have a passion for, derive satisfaction from, find enjoyable, take to, appreciate
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