Definition of go (or run) round in circles in English:

go (or run) round in circles


  • Do something for a long time without achieving anything but purposeless repetition.

    ‘the discussion went round and round in circles’
    • ‘No-one seems to be taking responsibility for this and we're just going round in circles.’
    • ‘I feel as though I'm watching someone go round in circles, caught up in a cycle of pain.’
    • ‘We could go round in circles apportioning the blame, but the bottom line is that we've failed to meet expectations.’
    • ‘We spent two hours arguing and going round in circles.’
    • ‘I know what I want but there is a genuine lack of cash, and this is why we are going round in circles.’
    • ‘I feel like I've been stagnating all day, going round in circles with this case!’
    • ‘Our meeting was starting to go round in circles.’
    • ‘The inquiry went round in circles and I was no wiser.’
    • ‘I want us to be in a position to make some decisions instead of seeing the issue go round in circles.’
    • ‘And I think we went round in circles for a year, because neither of us was brave enough to admit that we didn't like the project.’