Definition of go (or move in or close in) for the kill in English:

go (or move in or close in) for the kill


  • Take ruthless or decisive action to turn a situation to one's advantage.

    • ‘Yet watch him on a tennis court and he is transformed into a ruthless matador, drawing his opponents in and going for the kill.’
    • ‘If he sees another competitor moving in for the kill, though, he wouldn't hesitate to move full-time into his South Beach Miami apartment.’
    • ‘A swift headbutt and a hard slam into my own solar plexus left me gasping for breath and I closed in for the kill so to speak.’
    • ‘As Watson went in for the kill, a desperate Eubank caught him with a right hand and took the ascendancy.’
    • ‘So how should India go for the kill in this match?’
    • ‘The biggest difference was the finishing, not least by Jason Robinson, whose timing is never seen to better advantage than when he is moving in for the kill.’
    • ‘However, a feeble turn-out will give the anti-hunting majority within Labour ranks the opportunity to close in for the kill and force through an outright ban.’
    • ‘During the seventh inning stretch, we went for the kill.’
    • ‘Like the bloodhounds they are, they must have sniffed the overpowering scent of money mixed with a human rights issue, and went in for the kill.’
    • ‘One side of politics finds a hint of weakness in the other side and goes in for the kill.’