Definition of go (or like) gangbusters in English:

go (or like) gangbusters


North American
  • Used to refer to great vigour, speed, or success.

    ‘the real estate market was going gangbusters’
    • ‘Upmarket outfitter Abercrombie & Fitch is going gangbusters across the US with its surf-themed Hollister stores.’
    • ‘General Motors is going gangbusters thanks to trucks and zero-percent financing; its October selling rate is near an 18-million-unit annualized rate.’
    • ‘The last time I talked to her, she complained that while her career was going gangbusters, she was striking out in the love department.’
    • ‘‘It's going gangbusters,’ said Dr. Dale Wallis.’
    • ‘Yes, 1999 was a good year and we're going like gangbusters right now.’
    • ‘On a competition level, it went gangbusters: the VTR-SP1 and SP2 won two out of the three SBK titles it contested, before Honda pulled the plug at the end of 2002 to focus on MotoGP.’
    • ‘All of a sudden jobs are miraculously going like gangbusters.’
    • ‘With the economy going gangbusters, the unprecedented past two years of massive job losses in the face of rising economic growth is probably at an end.’
    • ‘Naturally, this has his mother's matchmaking radar going like gangbusters.’
    • ‘Some newly listed companies are going gangbusters, however.’