Definition of go-slow in English:



  • A form of industrial action in which work or progress is deliberately delayed or slowed down.

    ‘a spokesperson denied all knowledge of a reported go-slow by mechanics’
    • ‘The riders' response was one of anger at their treatment - and there were roadside sit-ins and go-slows before Paris was reached by a relieved peloton.’
    • ‘On July 5, civil servants in Liberia started a go-slow to support their demand for the government to pay their salary arrears.’
    • ‘One Dutch team and all four Spanish teams withdrew from a race that was reduced to a farce as the riders protested with go-slows.’
    • ‘The government's measures have provoked other forms of disruption, such as go-slows by lorries on motorways and major city roads.’
    • ‘The plantation trade unions in Sri Lanka have called off a campaign of two-hour stoppages and go-slows by 450,000 tea and rubber plantation workers who were demanding a wage increase.’
    • ‘The workers committee said that it would also consider other forms of protest, including go-slows.’
    • ‘Hauliers are planning a go-slow to delay traffic.’
    • ‘The paper reported that in Nakuru, more than 350 employees went on a go-slow to protest the delay in paying salary arrears and allowances.’
    • ‘Sky-high forecourt prices in the wake of Hurricane Katrina have prompted veteran fuel protesters to threaten motorway go-slows and refinery blockades in the coming week.’
    • ‘They've also threatened to discipline people for an alleged go-slow.’
    • ‘On September 30, another strike began, following a go-slow at a number of the company's mines.’
    • ‘This attack on democratic rights is in response to the campaign by many present and former employees for the reinstatement of the 1,300 dismissed workers through go-slows, lunchtime pickets and petitions.’
    • ‘The workers, who have been on a go-slow for the past week, began a full-scale strike on October 25, accusing the ministry of breaking its promise to increase salaries by the end of that month.’
    • ‘Frustrated taxi drivers have staged a go-slow to protest against the towns council's recent decision to remove the central and busiest taxi rank.’
    • ‘The go-slow is causing serious delays to air traffic with several flights cancelled on Monday.’
    • ‘He also called on members to participate in a go-slow to protest against the subsidisation of private and former Model C schools.’
    • ‘This resistance could include workplace go-slows, mass sick leaves, industrial and military sabotage, and the non-payment of rents and taxes.’
    • ‘Blockades and go-slows aimed at pressurising the Government into cutting fuel duties took place across the country in 2000, sparking panic buying and shortages at filling stations.’
    • ‘Dozens of flights from the international airport were delayed as part of the protests and baggage-handling staff held a go-slow.’


  • (of a proposal or course of action) cautious and prudent.

    ‘a go-slow policy for the building of nuclear plants’
    • ‘To begin with, over the last two years reformist leaders who advocate a go-slow, nonconfrontational approach have prevailed over the most radical elements within their movement.’
    • ‘So far, religious groups are rallying around either a go-slow policy proposal or a get-tough bill in Congress.’