Definition of go-getting in English:



  • See go-getter

    • ‘If the government is keen on winning the confidence of the people, it must unleash some of its go-getting, hands-on, upright and efficient bureaucrats to take charge of these areas and implement development programmes on a war footing.’
    • ‘Yeah, Fox was the go-getting new kid on the block.’
    • ‘In the past few years, particularly since the last election, these people have been replaced with a younger set, chosen for their brightness and go-getting business ability.’
    • ‘It is quite possible that the strong-willed go-getting CEO's have been brought up by a very capable and active mother and learnt from them unconsciously.’
    • ‘As such, the punk movement, whether it would acknowledge it or not, paved the way for the go-getting - or selfish, depending on your point of view - decade that would follow.’