Definition of go-away bird in English:

go-away bird


  • A crested long-tailed African bird of the turaco family, with mainly grey plumage and a call that resembles the words ‘go away’.

    Family Musophagidae: two genera and three species

    Also called lourie in South Africa
    • ‘These noisy birds are also sometimes referred to us go-away birds and they act as the eyes of the herds.’
    • ‘I would tell them all about butcher birds, go-away birds and, of course, all the fabulous birds of prey.’
    • ‘The gray go-away bird is 18 to 20 inches in length and weighs from 7.1 to 12 ounces.’
    • ‘The white-bellied go-away bird is a familiar and very conspicuous sight in some parts of East Africa.’
    • ‘Certain of the grayish species are called go-away birds, in imitation of their calls.’