Definition of gneissoid in English:



  • See gneiss

    • ‘The granodiorite deposits at Aswan are often gneissoid in texture, exhibiting parallel orientated feldspar phenocrysts.’
    • ‘This intrusion is not sharply defined everywhere and in many places the gneissoid foliation of the Yonkers granite blends so intimately with the gneiss of the Fordham formation that sharp, clear-cut contacts cannot be seen.’
    • ‘There are also gray and fine grained red granites, and in some places they have taken a gneissoid form.’
    • ‘In the inner sulfide zone gneissoid textures resulting from complete and vigorous replacement of the country rock have resulted.’
    • ‘The youngest is yellowish-orange to yellowish-gray arkose, derived primarily from Precambrian gneissoid and granitoid rocks; it contains little clay, abundant calcium carbonates, and limonite cement, and is host for all uranium deposits of the district.’