Definition of gneissic in English:



  • See gneiss

    • ‘The Cenozoic melanges, widely distributed in central and eastern Sabah, exclusively contain mixed mafic-ultramafic, chert, and Cenozoic sandstone blocks, and lack any granitic, gneissic, or otherwise ‘continental’ clasts.’
    • ‘This is a coarsegrained biotite gneiss with an average granodioritic composition, that is generally fairly homogeneous but locally shows gneissic banding, and is intruded by veins of microgranite and pegmatite.’
    • ‘Scattered throughout the Pena Negra migmatites there are small bodies of Upper Proterozoic gneissic granodiorite and granite.’
    • ‘The serpentinized harzburgite has a gneissic fabric shown by the orientation of the bastite pseudomorphs after orthopyroxene, typical of sub-ophiolitic upper mantle.’
    • ‘The tonalite is gneissic, banded on a decimetre scale, and loaded with discrete mafic enclaves, metasedimentary xenoliths and garnet, feldspar and rutile xenocrysts, such that the body has a migmatitic appearance.’