Definition of gnashers in English:


plural noun

  • Teeth.

    • ‘Yet before one is too taken by this high-mindedness, remember that Grant appeared recently in a telly shocker called Celebrity Shark Bait, where famous sorts were lowered in a glass cage to confront some rather large white gnashers.’
    • ‘I keep coming across this apeman and a fierce wild boar with big gnashers - I've experienced the apeman for years - came across him on my 1st ever mushroom trip!’
    • ‘Square-jawed, with gleaming gnashers, Knoxville looks as if he might be computer-generated, like he might occasionally whimper: ‘Not the face!’’
    • ‘Year nine pupils are letting dentists examine their molars as part of a national review aimed at improving the nation's gnashers.’
    • ‘Then there is the story of his own notorious gnashers.’
    • ‘The Great White Shark has gone grey, although rumours that he has taken to keeping those formidable gnashers of his in a jar by the bed remain unconfirmed at this time.’
    • ‘What if he'd just set up this practice as a kind of joke, or because he got some kind of perverse pleasure out of cutting bits out of people's gnashers, whilst an assistant sucks all the excess liquid and gunk out of their mouth through a tube?’
    • ‘The bill was a bit of a shock but even so I'd rather pay it to preserve my gnashers than end up with a mouth full of dentures.’
    • ‘If your hound's gnashers are white unto glowing then at least the postman is in for a healthier bite.’
    • ‘Well I guess they have to keep those gnashers nice and white!’
    • ‘At my sister's birthday meal last Friday our gnashers made a rare showing together in public.’
    • ‘And we will trace the after-effects of their new dazzling set of gnashers in action from the job interview, to the hot-date.’
    • ‘A survey from teeth experts Vitint Safe & White has finally revealed the answer to the question that's always been on everybody's lips - what makes us flash our gnashers for the camera?’
    • ‘This month, British Sandwich Week coincides with National Smile Week, which raises the unsavoury prospect of a full seven days of being gurned at by people with their gnashers coated in egg mayonnaise.’
    • ‘I'm going to forward the link to my vegetarian mate J who, like most vegetarians I know, is pasty and feeble-looking and needs desperately to sink his shamefully underutilised, omnivorous gnashers into a fat, bloody steak.’
    • ‘Greg Wood is one of only 150 men and women in this country to devote themselves to the welfare of our horses' gnashers.’
    • ‘It's OK telling yourself it's just a biscuit and a sip of free booze, but then you're denying that you've got your gnashers round a big chunk of meat.’
    • ‘Never has there been such a spectacular display of dentistry from that podium, such a combo of historic gnashers.’
    • ‘Now, I can't be sure, but I'm fairly confident that this child could have handled the nose job and Botox, for example, but when his mommy smiled - revealing the full force of her glaring white gnashers - he felt pure, primeval fear.’
    • ‘Since my gnashers are only slightly stained by my tea-drinking habit and the occasional cigarette, how dramatic a change could I expect to see?’