Definition of glyptography in English:



mass noun
  • The art or scientific study of gem engraving.

    • ‘But I'm willing to wager that it's not Tinsel Town's glyptography they're bragging about, but those of long dead dignitaries.’
    • ‘The designs were reproduced from etchings by means of glyptography, a cheap form of graphic reproduction, enabling the publisher to sell the entire series of prints for one shilling.’
    • ‘The XI international days of glyptography are organized this year in Palma de Mallorca.’
    • ‘The special art of gem engraving is called glyptography.’
    • ‘Gemstone carving, known as glyptography, is an exacting endeavor in which only the gifted and patient achieve success.’


Late 18th century: from Greek gluptos ‘carved’ (from gluphein ‘carve’) + -graphy.