Definition of glycogenesis in English:



mass nounBiochemistry
  • The formation of glycogen from sugar.

    • ‘Impaired liver function can cause fatigue, irritability and depression as a result of impaired glycogenesis which is the breakdown of glycogen to re-form glucose in the cells.’
    • ‘Astrocytes are involved in brain metabolism, because they are capable of glycogenesis (conversion of glucose into glycogen for storage) in response to various hormones and to potassium and glutamate.’
    • ‘Namely, ethanol has both the hypoglycemic effects through decreased gluconeogenesis and increased glucose oxidation and the hyperglycemic effects through decreased glycogenesis and increased glycogenolysis.’
    • ‘It was found that, for healthy subjects, 31% of the dose given was utilized in direct glycogenesis and this was decreased to 15% in diabetes.’
    • ‘In the two-armed study, aqueous extract of elder flower significantly increased glucose uptake, glucose oxidation, and glycogenesis in rat abdominal muscle.’