Definition of glue pot in English:

glue pot


  • A pot with an outer container holding water, used to heat glue that sets when it cools.

    • ‘He also manages to find time to paint pictures of his studio floor, extension cords and a glue pot on a stove.’
    • ‘If you don't have a glue pot, cover the bottom of a saucepan with marbles or pebbles so as to support the tin can free of the bottom during heating.’
    • ‘Their role is taken by rusting blue and white taxis and elegant caleches: carriages drawn by horses that sometimes look as if they could win the Derby, more often like candidates for the glue pot.’
    • ‘Manual glue pot, wooden table and free standing support are optional.’
    • ‘Bell pushes were often made as part of a desk set, orgarniture de bureau, which would also contain a blotter, a clock, candlesticks, a pen rest, an inkwell, a stamp box, a glue pot, and a notepad holder.’
    • ‘The coarse hair was then scraped off with a knife and the leatherlike substance replaced in the pot and stewed until it became like the inside of a carpenter's glue pot, both to the taste and to the smell.’