Definition of glucoside in English:



  • A glycoside derived from glucose.

    • ‘This diphenol compound is metabolized, producing viniferin, pterostilbene and piceid, a resveratrol glucoside.’
    • ‘Selection of plants for cultivation would have been directed at reducing a serious disadvantage of the plant; that it contains two substances, a glucoside and an enzyme, which react together to produce poisonous prussic acid.’
    • ‘A major interest of our laboratory is the sensing mechanism for maltose and other glucosides.’
    • ‘Similarly, the contents of alkaloids, tannins, oxalates, glucosides, dicumarins, prussic acid, nitrates or other substances in several weeds used as fodder and grasslands has also increased.’
    • ‘The results obtained with the alkyl glucosides used in this study are similar to those for DDM.’