Definition of glow stick in English:

glow stick


  • A novelty item consisting of a plastic tube containing two chemicals which combine when the tube is bent, so producing a luminescent glow.

    • ‘Last Fourth of July, each of them got a thin, flexible glow stick at the town fireworks display.’
    • ‘Mariah Carey performed the national anthem while the crowd raised red, white and blue glow sticks strategically distributed to form an American flag.’
    • ‘In Selfridges, a young friend excitedly pointed out that glowsticks were on sale.’
    • ‘People came in groups and the cheaters used flashlights and glowsticks.’
    • ‘Flashing cameras, bright cell phone screens, and way too many glowsticks are employed by nearly every audience member.’
    • ‘Inside the glow sticks flutter at the periphery of my vision.’
    • ‘You can also attach bright tape, ribbon or glow sticks.’
    • ‘What made me laugh, is, you can see on her right arm a glow stick wrapped round her wrist.’
    • ‘Consumer Product Safety Commission says the glow sticks do not properly warn parents that the string can pose a choking hazard for kids.’
    • ‘He even taped glow sticks to the upper surface of the structure to help the pilot see how to line up in the dark for a precise touchdown.’
    • ‘Glow sticks will be available for $2.50 on the night, with all proceeds going to St Vincent's Hospital's Palliative Care Unit.’
    • ‘The course provides golfers with balls illuminated with glow sticks.’
    • ‘A few riders now have torches on their helmets or glow sticks attached to saddles.’
    • ‘I have to get her some glow sticks.’
    • ‘Using chemical glow sticks for tiny lights, they squeeze between patients in litters.’
    • ‘All over the world and at the same time, different people are using glowsticks for different reasons and for very different applications.’
    • ‘Not the display case where you can buy fake nose rings and baby tees and mini glowsticks to roll around on your tongue.’
    • ‘Near us there is a man who has been enthusiastically blowing a whistle and waving a glow stick throughout.’
    • ‘Police patrolling the streets with their purple flares and disco-style glow sticks had little trouble to deal with.’
    • ‘For whatever reason, skating is much more fun with a glowstick, apparently.’