Definition of glossy in English:


adjectiveglossier, glossiest

  • 1Shiny and smooth.

    ‘thick, glossy, manageable hair’
    • ‘A small green leafed fern sprawled across the opposite corner of the glossy surface.’
    • ‘He was sitting with his legs up on the seat in front of him with the sun shining on his glossy chestnut brown hair.’
    • ‘This attractive, glossy red apple has some resistance to diseases such as apple scab, cedar apple rust, and fire blight.’
    • ‘Laurel makes an attractive alternative with its large, glossy light-reflecting leaves and wide capacity.’
    • ‘The result is permanent pin straight hair with super glossy shine.’
    • ‘I'm not beautiful, I don't have silky smooth, glossy hair and stick thin legs.’
    • ‘She was a tall woman, slim and delicate, with a wealth of glossy raven hair.’
    • ‘I stared into the glossy surface of the orb, looking at my reflection.’
    • ‘You'll also need an anti-humectant styling product with silicone to lock in your style and make hair smooth and glossy.’
    • ‘The leaves may be taking time to change and fall this autumn, but berries are in abundance and attracting birds to their glossy skins and bright colours.’
    • ‘Her glossy black hair shone in the afternoon sun, and her green eyes burned just as ferociously.’
    • ‘She pulled the black scrunchie out of her long glossy red-gold hair, the silky strands having been confined in a simple low, sleek ponytail.’
    • ‘He had big hands on long arms, and his hair was glossy black, gathered in a ponytail, and he looked dangerous.’
    • ‘The crystal pieces are contemporary in style and stylishly presented in glossy white boxes with a turquoise silk ribbon.’
    • ‘Then she takes a breath and smoothes down her glossy, dark hair.’
    • ‘Her hair was a glossy black and her eyes were of a pale blue.’
    • ‘The pointer was already spelling something else, moving eerily across the glossy surface.’
    • ‘His hair was a glossy raven black, attractively messy in a way that suggested more time had been spent on it than one would first think.’
    • ‘They produce attractive leathery glossy leaves which, depending on species and variety, add colour in winter.’
    shiny, shining, gleaming, lustrous, bright, brilliant, sparkling, shimmering, glistening, sleek, silky, silken, satiny, sheeny, smooth, glassy
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    1. 1.1 (of a magazine or photograph) printed on high-quality smooth shiny paper.
      ‘a 16-page glossy brochure’
      • ‘Even glossy magazines can be printed on recycled stock now.’
      • ‘She pulled out a set of large scale, glossy photographs and a clean sheet of letter paper.’
      • ‘The photos above it are my own, printed on my home computer/printer on glossy photo paper.’
      • ‘Selected frames were printed on high quality, glossy photographic paper.’
      • ‘In between times, she continued to paint and write articles for many glossy coffee table publications.’
      • ‘The house's beautiful interior was photographed earlier this year for a glossy magazine.’
      • ‘All these consultants and their public consultations will end up producing shelves and shelves of glossy documents with artist's impressions etc and result in not one single brick being laid.’
      • ‘This is the sort of thick paper, nicely printed glossy lifestyle magazine that looks nice on your coffee table.’
      • ‘Printed on glossy paper and lavishly illustrated with photographs and artists' drawings, it cost no less than 50 shillings when published.’
      • ‘However, if the end result is going to be a very glossy coffee table book they may shoot in 5x4 inches or even 10x8 inches.’
      • ‘An educated guess would be that the pictures are, indeed, touched up and air-brushed because most photographs in glossy magazines are.’
      • ‘You've heard of the magalogue - the glossy magazine as shopping catalogue.’
      • ‘The paper is glossy, with high-quality reproduction of photographs.’
      • ‘It is a glossy, expensive 22 page long document, liberally illustrated with colour photographs.’
      • ‘Except for the occasional story he got in a glossy magazine, the photographs could be re-sized on a color copier without impacting their usefulness.’
      • ‘In fact security would be so tight that they would probably all be refused entry, bar the photographer from a glossy magazine.’
      • ‘The pair are believed to have turned down a £1.5m offer for the rights to the wedding photos from a glossy magazine.’
      • ‘Many of them will have bought a glossy guidebook detailing the history, attractions, hotels and nightlife on offer at the resort.’
      • ‘He doesn't even go near the pavement booksellers, however attractive their display of paperbacks in glossy covers looked.’
      • ‘The orchid is their darling, the perfect flower for the perfect home as displayed in photographic spreads in glossy magazines all over the world.’
  • 2Superficially attractive, stylish, and suggesting wealth.

    ‘a glossy TV miniseries’
    • ‘The film unfolds in this stupefying, glossy fashion until it gradually finds a pulse.’
    • ‘So the sets look glamorous and glossy, yet the lighting creates startling contrasts between light and shadow.’
    • ‘In just a few months a small number of campaigners fought against the expensive and glossy propaganda pushed out by the privateers.’
    • ‘Those roads have attractions of their own but they're too urbanised, glossy, and over-rated for us.’
    • ‘They prefer to market the classics on a more glossy superficial level; the profound conductor and seriously dutiful players are a thing of the past.’
    • ‘More than any other medium, our perception of architecture is increasingly mediated through renders, walkthroughs and glossy artist's impressions.’
    • ‘The company has set out to prove once again that it can not only compete with Hollywood at their own game, but create glossy miniseries that feel like feature films.’
    • ‘Only then do they step into the glossy silver shops for expensive varieties.’
    • ‘An expensive box with glossy graphics will not increase your sales.’
    • ‘Better suited to countries where the sky is blue from May to September, they look glossy and glamorous on holiday but out of place back in Blighty.’
    expensive, high-quality, well produced
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nounPlural glossies

  • 1A magazine printed on glossy paper, containing many colour photographs and typically devoted to fashion, beauty, celebrities, etc.

    ‘he's been touted in some upmarket glossies as the thinking woman's crumpet’
    • ‘Usually I'll stand in a newsagents and stare at the assorted glossies for ages without ever seeing a single copy of anything I actually want to buy.’
    • ‘When DJ superstars started to invite the glossies round to photograph their homes it became apparent that the cash was beginning to matter more than the music.’
    • ‘Printing 22,000 copies in Hindi and 15,000 in Urdu, one of the oldest glossies in India might have finally come of age.’
    • ‘Happily we live in a climate where such things are not merely visions glimpsed in the pages of Testino photo-shoots that appear in the fashion glossies.’
    • ‘But the women who gleam from the pages of the glossies set up unrealistic and hard-to-sustain goals.’
    • ‘We should be comforted by the fact that very few women actually look like the models spread across the glossies, because even the models themselves don't really look like that.’
    • ‘And the bi-annual circulation figures published last week show that the top eight women's glossies are all shedding readers.’
    • ‘In an attempt to emulate them, millions of people follow this eating fad and that, switching diets as often as the glossies demand.’
    • ‘Most jazz magazines are only slightly more readable than airline glossies, and serve roughly the same purpose.’
    • ‘Adults have celebrity mags and glossies, but kids don't care about big names.’
    • ‘Still, having people from all the glossies and a fair few TV types wanting to come to the party is cool.’
    • ‘The 100-page glossy will retail for £3.95 each month and has an initial print run of 20,000.’
    • ‘He finally leaves and I start thumbing through the glossies.’
    • ‘Airlines have stuffed seatbacks with in-flight glossies for decades, offering articles and news relevant to their routes.’
    • ‘Empty takeaway boxes littered the floor alongside discarded empties and the occasional glossy.’
    • ‘It was genuinely a really good, fresh take on the glossies.’
    • ‘Just like the glossies in which his celebrities appeared, his self-portraits are camouflaged, all blemishes and defects removed.’
    • ‘The media's preoccupation with body size runs the gamut from teen magazines to tabloids, the glossies and, yes, even broadsheets which should know better.’
    1. 1.1 A photograph printed on glossy paper.
      • ‘They each ordered a 10x12 glossy, with protective covering and backing for a frame.’
      • ‘He slid the color glossy across the black lacquer top to her.’
      • ‘My new 8 x 10 glossies came in the mail, and my father was peering at them over my shoulder.’
      • ‘Twice that and you'll get wonderful 8x10-inch glossies, suitable for framing.’
      • ‘He didn't have an explanation for the smell but he did show Adam his collection of autographed glossies of old wrestlers.’
      • ‘Some open with 8X10 glossies of the reporters in addition to the aforementioned letters.’
      • ‘They cranked out a bunch of 8x10 glossies that, frankly, surprised me with their quality.’
      • ‘The salespeople look like they've stepped out of 8-by-10-inch glossies, but they're friendly.’
      • ‘Here she's gridded out around 564 color glossies (all portrait shots) into a long, narrow photo-mosaic.’
      • ‘‘There's two photos!’ exclaimed Charlie, gingerly sliding out the large glossies.’
      • ‘She was as motionless as her famous photo glossies, as still as the models at the Wax Museum just down the street.’
      • ‘It was a waterfall of black-and-white glossies.’
      • ‘High-resolution photo papers in glossy and matte finishes transform family photos into enduring memories.’