Definition of glossarist in English:



  • See glossary

    • ‘So it had been also with Zenophon and other glossarists of Homer, and with various students of the Chinese classics by the early 3rd century.’
    • ‘During this period, Roman Law was used in Holland although it had been subject to changes contributed not only by glossarists and commentators but also by Dutch jurisconsultants.’
    • ‘Similar explanations are given by other glossarists, and thus the evidence of etymological scholarship as well as that of folk-lore support the Psychological Theory.’
    • ‘However it is difficult to see exactly what ‘contracted to thine own bright eyes’ means, although the glossarists cite the example of Narcissus from classical literature.’
    • ‘All of these are ‘magazines of falsehoods,’ if accepted in the exoteric dead-letter interpretations of their ancient, and especially their modern, theological glossarists.’