Definition of glory days in English:

glory days

plural noun

  • A time in the past regarded as being better than the present.

    ‘the glory days of Silicon Valley’
    • ‘And perhaps new recruits should be taught the way it was in the glory days of the 1970s.’
    • ‘His daubings are soon the talk of the intellectual crowd and he's toasted as founder of a new school - but his glory days are numbered.’
    • ‘Although let's face it, the early 80s seem like glory days for Leeds fans at present.’
    • ‘But, alas, it seems the glory days of the heist are well and truly over.’
    • ‘He could tell you all about the glory days of League of Ireland football.’
    • ‘There may be occasional nostalgia for the pseudo-ideology of the old regime and for its glory days.’
    • ‘Never, not even in the glory days of 1990 and Glasgow City of Culture, have I seen Tramway so buzzing with life.’
    • ‘Even though it's gone very downhill, it's glory days were blinding.’
    • ‘You haven't seen such a one-joke family comedy since the glory days of The Munsters.’
    • ‘This is an exciting project which recalls the glory days of Scottish free-market enterprise leading the world.’
    • ‘The glory days have rarely seemed more distant, but for every home game more than 20,000 fans continue to live the dream.’
    • ‘If those comparisons with the glory days of the dotcom boom don't trigger alarm bells, there are plenty of other reasons to be nervous.’
    • ‘He was pretty excited to meet me and hear about the former glory days, and it was nice to get to meet him and the kids on the team.’
    • ‘They sit in the bleachers and relive the glory days of their time on the field.’
    • ‘Having lorded in the first division for the past five seasons we all wondered when would the glory days return.’
    • ‘In the glory days of oil-boom expansion of the state sector, jobs proliferated for the boys, and the girls.’
    • ‘In its glory days of the past, it was a great event and should prove as popular as ever again this year.’
    • ‘Whose generation was it that that made being young the epitome of cool back in the glory days of Woodstock and the Summer of Love?’
    • ‘It will take years off your life; we all miss the glory days of the eighties, and here you can be whisked right back to them.’
    • ‘But the large number of people who are now making their living out of soft drugs clearly have no fear that the glory days are about come to an end.’


glory days